Mentor Tips

Mentor FAQS

What is a mentor?
A mentor is a seasoned professional or entrepreneur who shares their experience, expertise, and advise with startup entrepreneurs in order to help them solve business problems.

Why become a mentor? 
There are many reasons to become a mentor. Some of which include: Staying up to speed on emerging technologies and market trends, giving back to the community, strategic networking and relationship building, and access to new innovations and ideas.  

How do I join? 

How do I get introduced to startups?
When new startups join our program we will send out a notification to our entire mentor network.  Mentors can then let us know if they are interested in that particular company.  Also, if a company is interested in you as a mentor will notify you of their interest.

How do I schedule meetings with startups?
You can schedule meetings via our mentor calendar or by contacting us directly.

What are my obligations?
Being a mentor is strictly pro-bono and at your sole discretion. 

What are the rules?
You are a mentor and not their boss; please be courteous and respectful at all times.

I don't feel ready to mentor alone yet.
Startup Evo is happy to help.  We can provide opportunities to shadow an experienced mentor.  

I'd rather mentor off-site.
You are more than welcome to. However, we do not coordinate or facilitate such meetings.

When can I book office hours?
Whenever you'd like.​

A startup company didn’t show. What should I do?
​If a company misses their office hours without notice, please let us know immediately.  

How do I learn more?
Contact us for more information.

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